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TRO Cafe and Creators Space 

Our Cafe speaks for itself! It is a lot many things for a lot many people. For musicians, it is their Jampad, for working professionals, their working pad; for chess players, it is their battle ground. We also have a sweet and small library for book lovers. In all its our happy place.


Riverside Breakfast & Dinner

Enjoy scrumptious meals with mesmerizing view of the river and mountains with that special one and create memories of a lifetime.

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Books & Games

For those who wish to binge-read or play board games like sequence or chess with a cup of hot coffee, head to our space for some relaxing and fun times. 


Ghar Ka Khana 

We prepare our meals from locally grown vegetables and fruits and believe the true sense of travelling lies in healthy & simple eating.


For Those Special Ocassions

Create wonderful memories by surprising that special one with our homemade and delicious desserts.

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Cozy setup for chilly nights!

Because the winters are coming and you need this cozy setting with tandoor keeping you warm and sober. 

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Soak some Sunshine!

Enjoy sitting in sunshine in our verandah verandah relishing your favourite and fresh cold-pressed juice. 

Riverside Stay in Kasol

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