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For everyone, who wishes to stay at The Royal Orchard Kasol, here are a few questions and queries answered beforehand.. 

06. Is it a family / senior citizen friendly place ?

Yes. We love to host families and people across all age groups. We have various activities and a helpful staff to take care of them.

07. Is it safe for solo female travelers ?

Absolutely. We totally support solo female travelers and understand their safety concerns. We are family oriented people with a homely environment. We have equipped CCTVs for the added bit. Additionally, our two furballs will make sure you're never alone.

08. Can I use the kitchen to cook for myself?

Yes, you can use the kitchen between 3:30-5 pm when our kitchen space is available as long as you bring your own ingredients and clean up after yourself.


09. What is the best time to enjoy orchard fruits ? Can we buy the fruits and veggies growing at the farm ?

June-Aug is literally the time where the orchard is blooming with apples, pears, persimmon, plums, potatoes, garlic etc. For bulk buying, you can reach us at 7227972289.  

10. Do you have Workation plans ?

Yes, we do. We have weekly and monthly budget-friendly plans. The package can be completely customized based on the requirements of the guest.

11. How's the wifi ?

We have equipped Jio fiber with 100mbps speed backed by 3 repeaters for all floors. However, the speed is also based on the weather and providers. In terms of networks, Airtel and Jio work brilliantly.


12. Do you have a power backup option? our work can't be interrupted!

Yes, we've got you covered. We have power backup 24*7. Your work won't be interrupted.


13. What is the food like at TRO?

We offer a healthy platter to comfort your soul and cravings. All freshly prepared balanced meals. Our ghar ka khana won't make you miss your home, we bet.


14. What are the hikes and treks around ?

Day hikes - Grahan, Tosh, Lapasa, Bijli Mahadev, 

Treks - Kutla, Kheerganga, Tundabhuj, Thunja 


15. What are the usual activities at TRO ?

We come from a background of music, hence you are most welcome to be a part of our jamming sessions, board games, or you could try your hands on Table Tennis and chess championships also.


16. How can we experience local culture ?

-  Have a conversation with our Himachali folks at our premises and learn about the history of the place. You can also try the local cuisine and market around Kasol and Manikaran.

Riverside Stay in Kasol

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