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 The Royal Orchard Kasol 
A bridge to ancient and modern-day Kasol 

Popular as the Mini Israel, Kasol has been a home to many Israelis and Italians since years. Surrounded by the slender alpine trees and gushing Parvati River, The Royal Orchard preserves the spirit of ancient Kasol with its inception in the year 1991. We seek to integrate the best from both - indigenous and contemporary Kasol and foster a path of culture with adventure. 


Our rooms are equipped with modern amenities offering the most comfortable stay. They have been meticulously designed according to your needs, budget and duration of the visit. 


With a Yoga and Music studio setup at our hotel, we aspire to take care of your digital detoxification with mental and physical well being. 


We anticipate the health and wellness of our guests and hence prepare meals with home-grown vegetables and fruits. You are surely invited to have a look at our beautifully done Apple Orchard that is certain to leave you spellbound.

Riverside Stay in Kasol

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